Substance Awareness Day Presents.....

Wednesday, April 14, 2021
9:30 AM - 3:30 PM (ET)
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Special Event
Heather Huntington
Substance Awareness Committee

Virtual Substance

Awareness Day

"Respect Your Brain: Abstain" 

EVENT LINKS (It is required to pre-register for the Zoom meetings):


9:30 am:  Joanne Gabrus and Kathleen Thelian: “Substance Abuse and Family Relations”

9:30 am Zoom Meeting Link:


11:00 am:  Krystle Stoddard and Alexis Jinks: "Unspoken, Now Told: Recovery Stories: From Darkness to Light”

11 am Zoom Meeting Link:


12:30 pm:  Samantha Mauser, LMSW-LP: “Overdose Protection” NARCAN TRAINING

The first 30 registrants can receive a Narcan Kit.  Photo ID and signed waiver required to pick up a Narcan Kit at Public Safety.

RSVP (Required for Narcan Pickup):

12:30 pm Zoom Meeting Link:


2:00 pm:  Young People in Recovery: “True Life Stories of Recovery” from people in AA

2 pm Zoom Meeting Link:

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