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Friday, May 29, 2020
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To maintain the health and safety of the NCC community we are asking students NOT to return to campus until further notice.

  • Essential staff should take direction from their supervisors as to if they should be on campus.
  • All other employees not deemed essential are expected to continue to work remotely, where possible, and perform their assigned duties or be available to do so during normally scheduled work hours.
  • All courses that can be instructed remotely have been transitioned to this form of instruction. However, there are some courses that will not be able to transition to remote instruction such as laboratory sessions. In those cases, we are working on a plan to lessen class size through alternative schedules in observance of social distancing.
  • Faculty members and students should be in correspondence as to what course work looks like throughout the remainder of the semester.

Mental Health Support

A mental health hotline is available to New Yorkers who need it. We can't underestimate the impact this pandemic is having on mental health. Over 6,000 mental health professionals have volunteered their time to help with New York's Coronavirus response.

For free emotional support, consultation and referral to a provider, call 1.844.863.9314.

Student Services Contact Information

While Campus operations are working remotely we encourage students to use the below contact information should they have any questions pertaining to these specific areas. All offices are working regularly scheduled hours while remote and you should receive a response within 24 hours.

Financial Aid:
Placement Testing:
Information Services:
Dean of Students Office: 

Transfer Services:

Career Services:
Student Activities:

Center for Students with Disabilities:

   Center for Educational & Retention                    Counseling,          Veterans: 

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